Modeling Electric Motors & Generators

August 13, 2024 14:00–14:45 CEST

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Development efforts to meet the demand for electric motors and generators have increased exponentially with the transition to electric vehicles and wind turbine power production. Modeling and simulation is an integral part of the R&D process in the field, enabling engineers to address design considerations such as the:

  • Demand for electric motors to deliver high torque across a broad speed range
  • Requirement for generators to provide power at low rotational speed
  • Limited availability of essential minerals

COMSOL Multiphysics® and the AC/DC Module offer extensive capabilities for modeling, simulating, and optimizing radial and axial flux machines using different principles of operation, such as permanent magnet, switched reluctance, and induction machines. The add-on module's unique ability to handle nonlinear magnetic effects in combination with temperature-dependent properties and heat transfer has made it the preferred product for creating high-fidelity multiphysics models.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the COMSOL® software's capabilities for analyzing rotating electrical machines such as motors and generators. We will show how the software treats nonlinear magnetic effects such as hysteresis as well as temperature-dependent properties.

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August 13, 2024 14:00 - 14:45 CEST

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