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In questa sezione troverete i lavori presentati alle Conferenze mondiali COMSOL. Le presentazioni descrivono ricerche e prodotti innovativi progettati con COMSOL Multiphysics da colleghi di tutto il mondo. I temi delle ricerche presentate abbracciano un'ampia gamma di settori produttivi e aree applicative, in ambito elettrico, meccanico, fluidodinamico e chimico. Lo strumento di Ricerca Rapida vi permetterà di trovare le presentazioni che si riferiscono all'area di vostro interesse.

Visualizza gli articoli presentati alla COMSOL Conference 2020

Dielectric Design Validation Through Electric Field Study of Condenser Type Bushing

As reliability of transformer is highly dependable on high voltage condenser type bushing, there is need to design bushings with low dielectric stress to insure the large lifespan of components. It is analytically not possible to predict or analyze the stresses generated at foil edges, ... Per saperne di più

Thermal Simulation Using COMSOL Application Builder for Oil-Air Transformer Bushings

Somil Joshi1
1Hitachi Energy India

Transformer bushings are power system equipment installed on transformers tank to connect overhead conductor & transformer leads. These Bushings at high voltages carry large currents leading to higher temperature & catastrophic failures. Whereas excess insulation further reduces ... Per saperne di più

Analysis of Mechanical and Electrical Performance of Section Insulators in Overhead Railway Line.

Section insulators are crucial components in overhead railway lines for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrified railway systems. This paper presents a comprehensive study aimed at investigating the mechanical forces acting upon section insulators and evaluating their ... Per saperne di più

Modeling of Heteropolar Radial Magnetic Bearing in COMSOL 6.0

Priyam Bhavsar, Rakesh Deore2, Karuna Kalita 2 1. Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, AS, India. 2. Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, AS, India. This paper investigates different pole configurations and their impact on passive radial magnetic ... Per saperne di più

Simulation-driven design of showerhead to achieve desired uniform wafer deposition

Lav Kaushik1
1LAM Research

Chipmakers widely use the plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) technique for depositing thin dielectric or conducting films on wafers. The primary objective for a deposition process is to have a good flow and species uniformity on the wafer. Typically, a carefully designed ... Per saperne di più

Predicting Heat Flux to Plasma Chambers Components

Plasma chambers used for semi-conductor processing are complex machines involving high power inputs and intricate reaction chemistry during operation. Consequently, components of these chambers undergo extreme thermal and mechanical stresses, along with erosion and other forms of damage. ... Per saperne di più

Thermal Runway Control for Enhanced 4-Way Link Box Performance

Ayush Jain1, Ishant Jain1, Raghav Upasani1
1Raychem Innovation Center

This study presents simulation findings from a 4-way link box assembly, aimed at understanding temperature-related challenges. The primary objective was to assess maximum temperatures within the assembly, focusing on the Complete Assembly, UET, Copper Busbar, and Wedge Link Busbar. ... Per saperne di più

Analyzing Railway OHE Suspension Clamp Stress Under Varied Loads

Rahul Solanki1, ganeshbhoye@gmail.com1, Ishant Jain1
1Raychem Innovation Center

This research delves into an in-depth stress load analysis of suspension clamp assemblies employed within the realm of railway overhead electrification (OHE). These suspension clamp assemblies play a crucial role in securing catenary wires of varying diameters. They encounter diverse ... Per saperne di più

Mechanical Analysis of High-Strength Surge Arrestor PCA New Design under Cantilever Loading

Ganesh Bhoye1, Ishant Jain2
1Raychem Innovation Center
2Raychem RPG

This paper presents a detailed mechanical analysis of the high-strength surge arrestor PCA New Design for 2L+2L and other variations under cantilever loading. The study aims to evaluate the mechanical properties of the design and identify any issues or areas for improvement. The analysis ... Per saperne di più

Numerical simulation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells using COMSOL Multiphysics and elucidating the effect of different flow rates and temperatures

Dr LATHAPRIYA V1, Dr. Mishma S Stanislaus1

Dr. Mishma S Stanislaus1, Dr Lathapriya1, Dr Anand M Shivapuji2, Prof S Dasappa3 1 Research Scientist; 2 Senior Research Scientist; 3 Professor and Chair Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Research Indian Institute of Science; Bangalore – 560012 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells ... Per saperne di più

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