Getting the Proceedings CD Finished

Phil Kinnane September 29, 2011
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Hi Everybody,

My name is Phil Kinnane and I have just joined the COMSOL Boston office. Even though I’ve been working for COMSOL overseas for over eleven years, I have never actually been to a COMSOL Conference – unbelievable isn’t it. But having arrived here, I’ve been thrown in the deep end, and have been asked to work with it – almost full-time.

So I thought I would write a blog about the conferences to share my experiences. Right now, I have been assigned to polish our Proceedings CDs, which attendees will receive when they first register for the conferences. It lists all the sessions and contributions in these sessions. The Keynote Presentations and their content are also summarized.

Attendees can read through abstracts and even the papers themselves, and plan which sessions and presentations they would like to attend. They can search through it too, so the most important thing is that all the papers and posters are to be found on the CD.

Yeswanth, Chairman of the Program Committee, has already received all the papers for the Boston conference, and is getting the last of them reviewed. Lars and Lhakvinder, Charimen of the Stuttgart and Bangalore conferences, are currently doing this too.

As they updates every contribution, this info is published on-line and in real-time on the User Presentation’s page (

But quite a bit of work is still to be done to make all this great material look structured, presentable and easy to navigate around. Now it’s time to get all the subscripts and superscripts fixed, make sure the authors are aligned with the right institution, and basically just dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. I better get to it…


Phil Kinnane



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