Final Day of the Conference Looks to the Future of Physics Builder

Phil Kinnane October 9, 2012
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While the highlights from the first day of our conference in Boston were about the release of 4.3a, and the second day was arranged around three fantastic guest keynote speakers, the final conference day offered a view into the future — Physics Builder.

Physics Builder puts Focus on Your Customers

On the final day in Boston, we discussed the Physics Builder and how it can be applied to create solutions for the attendees and their customers. The Physics Builder allows users to create and include their own physics and boundary conditions. Subsequently they can create GUIs that would allow easy model definition from predefined physics and boundary conditions. This can also include building tailor-made multiphysics user interfaces for physics couplings that haven’t already been developed within COMSOL Multiphysics or its modules.

COMSOL Physics Builder emphasizes your customers

AltaSim Uses Physics Builder to their — and their Customers’ — Advantage

On the third day in Boston we set up a panel discussion with consultants Jeff Crompton and Kyle Koppenhoefer from AltaSim Technologies. These two have a lot of experience using COMSOL. Some of their projects have involved working for customers with niche products or applications that required a tweak in the physics or a custom solution. Jeff and Kyle attested to the fact that the Physics Builder allowed them to provide optimal solutions for their customers. They were then able to go one step further, and make future modeling for the customer easy to use. How? There are tools in COMSOL that allow for rearrangement of the nodes in the Model Tree, as well as adjustments in the Settings windows, such as creating new GUIs.

Panel Discussion weighs in on the Release of v4.3a

The panel discussion then moved on to what they thought of the new software release. They reported that they were really looking forward to LiveLink™ for Excel®. They found it to be a good tool for their customers, a lot of whom use Excel® as their main mathematical tool. Jeff and Kyle would do the underlying work with developing the model, while the customer could run the model, making changes to parameters and the like, from an Excel® interface. All-in-all it was a very interesting panel discussion that certainly engaged the crowd.

Sneak peek: This week, we are editing our footage from the Boston conference and will soon be releasing videos of the keynote presentations. Stay tuned on the COMSOL Blog!


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