Pipe Flow Module Updates

For users of the Pipe Flow Module, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.6 brings a new physics interface for fluid-structure interaction in pipe systems, unidirectional constraints for pipes, and more flexible licensing for pipe acoustics. Read more about these features below.

Fluid-Pipe Interaction, Fixed Geometry Multiphysics Interface

The new Fluid-Pipe Interaction, Fixed Geometry interface can be used to account for the fluid load's effect on the structural analysis when modeling fluid-structure interaction (FSI). The new Fluid-Pipe Interaction multiphysics coupling connects the Pipe Flow and Pipe Mechanics interfaces. Internal pressure, drag forces, loads on bends, and loads on junctions are all taken into account for more accurate FSI simulations. You can see the new interface demonstrated in the Coupled Analysis of Flow and Stress in a Pipe model.

The COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.6 UI with the settings shown for the Fluid-Pipe Interaction coupling and a pipe flow model in the Graphics window.
Stress and deformation in the pipe using the Fluid-Pipe Interaction multiphysics coupling.

Unidirectional Constraint for Pipes

In the Pipe Mechanics interface, the Prescribed Displacement/Rotation feature has been improved with a third option for setting the displacement. The new Limited option allows for free displacement, but with an upper and lower limit that you define. This is particularly useful for modeling pipes resting on unidirectional supports.

Four pipes, modeled in a rainbow color table and black arrows pointing down, resting on three gray pipes, where the middle pipe is shorter than the other two.
Unidirectional support at the mid span, modeled using the new Limited option for prescribing displacement.

More Flexible Licensing for Pipe Acoustics

The Pipe Acoustics, Frequency Domain and Pipe Acoustics, Transient interfaces are now available with either the Pipe Flow Module or the Acoustics Module.

Updated Tutorial Model

Coupled Analysis of Flow and Stress in a Pipe

Two sets of model results for a pipe with a bend in the middle, where the bottom model is shown in white to dark blue color gradient and the top model is shown in rainbow.
This updated model uses the new Fluid-Pipe Interaction, Fixed Geometry interface to analyze stresses in a pipe subjected to fluid loads and gravity. Results show the pressure and fluid velocity (lower) and von Mises stress and deformation (upper).
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