COMSOL Server™ Updates

For all COMSOL Server™ users, version 5.6 brings a better experience using custom background colors, an application usage log, and themes for apps. Read more about these features below.

Custom Background Colors

The form background now fills the entire viewport when running apps in both the web client and COMSOL Client, providing a better experience when running apps with custom background colors.

A web browser with two tabs, showing a Transmission Line Calculator with a teal background that takes up the full view.
The Transmission Line Calculator app is included in the Application Libraries of COMSOL Server™. The app uses a custom background color that fills the entire screen in the web browser.

Application Usage Log

A log of all completed application sessions can be found under Administration > Application Usage, allowing administrators to better track the usage of specific apps. The information can be exported to a text file or to a spreadsheet.

The Application usage log in COMSOL Server version 5.6 showing several rows of example users, the application they used, start and end times, etc.
Application usage log.

Themes for Apps

COMSOL Server™ fully supports apps using the new Themes functionality, a new option when designing apps in the Application Builder. The COMSOL Client for Windows®, the COMSOL Client for Android™, and any web browser supports these themes.