Modeling Ferromagnetic Materials in COMSOL Multiphysics®

Cesare Tozzo January 23, 2018

Ferromagnetic materials are ubiquitous in electronic components and electrical machinery. In EM modeling, we may be interested in the broader application or focus on a certain material characteristic (e.g., the mechanical resistance of structural steel) that happens to be magnetic. In both cases, ferromagnetic parts influence the magnetic field in their surroundings, and identifying exactly how this happens could be crucial to the proper functioning of a device or system.

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Cesare Tozzo March 10, 2016

Characterizing magnetic behavior is crucial when designing magnetic devices involving ferromagnetic materials. Different materials (or the same material after certain processes) can react differently to the same stimulus and improper characterization can cause device failure. COMSOL Multiphysics® software version 5.2 expands the current support for describing magnetic materials and defines access to material models through external routines. Here, we demonstrate how this new functionality works in a case featuring hysteresis and review the current opportunities for modeling ferromagnetic materials.

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