Propagation of Seismic Waves Through Earth

Application ID: 90381

This tutorial model analyzes the propagation of seismic waves through Earth's internal structure. The model uses a 2D axisymmetric geometry to represent the material discontinuities and the variation of properties through the concentric layers of the earth. A simplified earthquake consisting of a tonal pulse is used to study the generation and propagation of the different pressure and shear waves across the inner structure of the earth.

The model uses the Elastic Waves, Time Explicit and Pressure Acoustics, Time Explicit interfaces to represent the solid and fluid parts of the earth. Sudden property discontinuities are handled through the use of the Material Discontinuity feature, while slow variation of properties are included within the material properties of each layer. The model demonstrates the scalability of time explicit interfaces and their applicability to capture large and very large acoustic models (containing many wavelengths).

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