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Repairing and Improving Imported Meshes from 3D Scans

COMSOL Multiphysics® contains many features and functionality that enable you to create, repair, and improve volume meshes for imported surface meshes. In this previously held webinar, we begin with an introduction to the mesh file formats supported in the software and outline a typical workflow for meshing a surface mesh directly. The workflow outlined is then demonstrated in the software using the geometry from the Specific Absorption Rate in the Human Brain tutorial model.

Following the demonstration, a detailed discussion on how to correctly mesh imported surface meshes ensues. This includes an overview of the operations that are available for editing imported meshes, repairing surface meshes, and creating tetrahedral meshes. The Create Entities, Refine, and Adapt operations are specifically highlighted with explanations on how you can use them to prepare your meshes for simulation. Lastly, we go over the use cases for converting a mesh into a geometry object and show you how to create a mesh from your results.

Further Learning

There are several online resources, listed below, that provide further instruction on some of the topics discussed during the webinar:

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