STL Import Tutorial Series

Application ID: 30951

Follow this tutorial series to learn about how to work with imported surface meshes. The instructions detail how to import STL files of two vertebrae and an intervertebral disc as well as how to repair holes, misaligned mesh vertices, and intersecting elements. It further demonstrates how to combine and intersect the meshes, remesh the surface mesh, and generate a tetrahedral mesh for simulation in the generated domains.

This tutorial series also demonstrates how to combine the imported mesh of the vertebrae and disc with a parameterized geometry of two pedicle screws and a fixating rod. The instructions detail how to load the geometry parts of the screws, how to position and combine them with the mesh of the vertebrae to form computational domains. The resulting surface mesh for the combined vertebrae and screws is remeshed and the domains are filled with a tetrahedral mesh.

The STL geometry in this example is provided courtesy of Mark Yeoman, Continuum Blue, U.K.

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