System Insight Engineering, LLC

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Address & Contact Information

System Insight Engineering, LLC

6790 South Gilpin Circle West
Centennial, CO 80122
Phone: (720) 744-0059

System Insight Engineering, LLC, provides modeling and simulation engineering solutions for a wide variety of scenarios across the entire life cycle of medical products. We fast-track delivering high-quality medical devices to market by reducing prototype iterations and speeding up regulatory approval — providing significant benefits to your bottom line.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in modeling and simulation, we use a collaborative approach that quickly yields clear data analysis and compelling visualizations to effectively communicate complex technical ideas to your target audience.

Areas of Expertise

Our company has expertise in the following areas:

  • Medical devices
    • Vessel-sealing prediction
    • Device cooling and fluid flow
    • Capacitive coupling
    • End effector design
    • Catheter-based energy delivery
    • Tissue division and cutting rates
    • Generator power delivery
    • Sensor and control algorithms
  • Energy-tissue interactions
    • Thermal spread and tissue viability
    • Hemostasis prediction
    • Alternative energy applications
      • Electrical
      • Plasma
      • Optical
      • Ultrasonic
    • Tissue deformation
      • Hyperelastic
      • Viscoelastic
    • Tissue property changes
      • Temperature dependent
      • Phase change
      • Tissue damage

Our Mission

The mission of System Insight Engineering is to improve our client's bottom line by cutting time-to-market in half through projects we find socially, technically, or personally compelling.