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Lorenzo Spicci
Senior Acoustic Engineer
Everywave Srl
Via dell’Artigianato 27/28
35010 Villa del Conte (PD) Italy
P.iva e C.F. 05064670283
Cell: +39 339 8182549
Email: info@everywave.eu

Everywave Srl was established in 2017 as an innovative startup of the company Unitech Srl, already operating with decades of success in the field of ultrasonic power systems for industrial applications.

The strategic choice that exists behind the birth of Everywave is based on the growing and widespread interest in the use of power ultrasounds for new application areas in several industrial sectors where cavitation phenomena can be exploited, such as agri-food, environmental, energy saving and renewable energy, water treatment, biofuel/biogas production, and the optimization of many various industrial processes.

Our main activities consist of the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Research and consultancy
  • Design of technologically advanced products
  • Specialized measures, based on acquired know-how
  • Design and analysis using advanced multiphysics simulation software (finite element method, or FEM)

At Everywave, innovation starts from multiphysics simulation to get the maximum benefit from research and reduce time to market. We are always supported by Unitech, which reserves the use of spaces, offices, laboratories, and equipment if not already in possession of Everywave.

The types of study, simulation, and analysis that we are able to carry out include:

  • Structural analysis (stress, deformation, vibration, and resonance)
  • Piezoelectric conversion analysis (efficiency and analysis of vibration modes)
  • Analysis of acoustic fields (pressure field, speed, and power)
  • Electrical analysis (impedance, power, and efficiency of converters)
  • Fluid dynamics and thermal analysis (cooling systems and study of heat flows)
  • Analysis of chemical reactions (reactor analysis, dynamics of reaction, study of transport and concentrations of reagents and products, diffusion, and fluid dynamics)

The most interesting specialized measures include cavitation pressure analysis, electrical impedance analysis, power measurements, and electromechanical conversion efficiency.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Lorenzo Spicci leads the FEM analysis activity at Everywave Srl, which is clearly focused on high-power ultrasound acoustics. In addition, L. Spicci has developed knowledge and abilities in other areas of industrial acoustics, especially in ultrasound imaging diagnostics and audio broadcasting systems. Thus, any area of acoustics can be studied through many types of FEM models in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Moreover, from his previous experiences, L. Spicci can also study problems of thermal analysis, structural mechanics, nonturbulent fluid dynamics, and chemical reactions.

Everywave can be a good companion for applied acoustics projects of various genres, supported by L. Spicci's extensive FEM analysis experience.

Consultant Contributions

Below, you can see examples of our work: