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31670 Labège
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CORROHM is an expert company working in the field of corrosion and anticorrosion of reinforced concrete and steel infrastructures. Thanks to a large theoretical, experimental, and numerical expertise, it operates in two main activity sectors:

  • Corrosion and anticorrosion engineering: Global or specific services on the entire rehabilitation chain for infrastructure affected by corrosion (from diagnosis to execution of works)
  • Research and development engineering: Scientific and technological support for companies in the generic corrosion market that wish to outsource their R&D due to lack of skills and/or means

Areas of Expertise

Corrosion and Anticorrosion Engineering

Based on the most recent scientific advances, CORROHM develops and offers a new corrosion engineering approach based on 3D numerical simulation tools of reinforced concrete or steel corroded structures, coupled with original experimental protocols onsite or in laboratory. This unique positioning allows CORROHM to justify the relevance of an anticorrosion solution or the reality of a corrosion diagnosis.

CORROHM expertise aims to optimize and make more reliable corrosion diagnosis and anticorrosion protection solutions for reinforced concrete or steel structures. Based on a detailed understanding of the corrosion mechanisms, CORROHM offers radically innovative services of:

  • Experimental onsite and laboratory investigations
  • Computer-aided corrosion diagnosis
  • Detection and characterization of stray current phenomena
  • Durability studies (estimated lifespan, definition of maintenance objectives)
  • Definition of adapted maintenance strategies
  • Computer-aided audit or design of corrosion prevention or protection solutions, in particular cathodic protection (sacrificial anodes or impressed current) taking into account many parameters such as oxygen availability, temperature, electrical resistivity, etc.
  • Computer-aided design of anticorrosion monitoring solutions for risky or protected structures

The original technical solutions developed by CORROHM engineers and researchers meet several objectives:

  • Cost control and reduction
  • Improvement and development of corrosion diagnostic technologies, lifetime forecast, electrochemical maintenance, and anticorrosion monitoring
  • Research and innovation

Research and Development Engineering

Scientific research and development of disruptive technological solutions are an essential part of CORROHM DNA. Through its deep phenomenological understanding, experimental skills, 3D modeling and numerical simulation capabilities, and several decades of cumulative experience, CORROHM has unique knowledge and background in the development and implementation of a rigorous R&D program. In addition to operational engineering solutions already offered to structure owners, CORROHM contributes to the permanent improvement of the technological control of corrosion phenomena in structures.

This R&D offer covers the entire technological chain and can be more or less specific depending on the needs:

  • Development of new anodic systems, materials, devices, and products for corrosion diagnosis and anticorrosion electrochemical maintenance
  • Optimization of an existing product (cost reduction, efficiency, improvement of onsite implementation, etc.)
  • Improvement of the understanding of a singular and complex physical phenomenon (stray current, AC/DC corrosion, etc.)

CORROHM believes that the global challenge of corrosion requires a digital transition toward the development of computer-aided design (CAD) tools. CORROHM intends to be a major player in this technological change. The real betterment provided by CORROHM consists in offering innovative scientific and technological assistance based on 3D numerical simulation tools as close as possible to the complex phenomenological reality of corrosion (concept of digital twin of the structure).