Ball Partition Add-In

Application ID: 96721

This add-in makes the editing of imported meshes much more convenient.

It often happens when working with mesh import that a small defect needs to be deleted. There are two options to partition a surface mesh: Partition with Ball or Create Edges. Both operations can be time consuming when repeating them many times. This add-in will generate a correctly centered Partition with Ball operation with one click, so you do not need to spend time finding the correct coordinates for the center and entering them in the Settings window.

  • addin_ball_partition_56.mph is the add-in itself; it can be added to the Add-in Library
  • ball_partition_56.mph is the MPH-file used to create the add-in, where you can inspect the methods

The add-in takes the coordinates of the rotation center and sets them as the center of the ball. It can also take the coordinates from centering in on coordinates in an error message. This works for meshes in a mesh part, but it also works if you want to partition an imported mesh in a component.

The following blog post shows an example of how the add-in can be used.

Refer to the following section in the documentation and the blog post below for instructions on how to install the add-in.

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