Keynote: Optimum Electromagnetic and Thermal Design of DC-Link Capacitors

Duration: 23:32

Inverters change the DC produced by an electric vehicle's battery into the AC needed to drive its motors. Inside these inverters, the DC-link capacitor fulfills the integral role of stabilizing the direct current and ensuring a smooth flow from one part of the drivetrain to another.

In this keynote talk from COMSOL Day: Vehicle Electrification, Martin Kessler of Bosch discusses DC-link capacitors and the need for electromagnetic and thermal simulation when developing them. Kessler also explores the use of metallized polypropylene film and goes over how his team uses simulation and equivalent series resistance measurements to find hotspots in DC-link capacitors.

Martin Kessler is an electrical engineer at Bosch, where he started working with COMSOL® for optimizing piezo- and solenoid-driven injectors during his time in the research division. In hardware development, his expertise is on the electromagnetic and thermal design of DC-link capacitors for electric vehicles.