Keynote: FEM Tools for Optimizing Drivers and Acoustic Radiation in High-End Loudspeakers

Duration: 22:48

Devialet, a company specializing in high-end acoustic engineering, uses multiphysics simulation to optimize loudspeaker development.

In this keynote talk from the COMSOL Conference 2023 Munich, Devialet engineers Quentin Akkaoui and Matthieu Lepicard present the computational models they have created with the COMSOL Multiphysics® software to model loudspeaker drivers and optimize acoustic architecture. They include examples of numerical simulations that highlight the challenges of complex product form factors and high audio performances. Akkaoui and Lepicard outline the process of designing a loudspeaker adapted to mechanical constraints and acoustic requirements. Then, they present acoustic radiation simulations that consider the integration of loudspeakers into a device.

Quentin Akkaoui is the lead transducer engineer at Devialet and has a PhD in mechanics and vibroacoustics. He and his team develop new computational models in order to design transducers that maximize loudspeaker efficiency.

Matthieu Lepicard is the acoustics lead engineer at Devialet and has an MSc in applied mathematics. He is responsible for integrating loudspeakers and microphones into Devialet's devices and developing simulation tools to improve the team's understanding of physics for design.