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Problem Description

This knowledgebase describes how to benefit from the recovery feature in COMSOL. This is particularly useful if you have a long computation that for some reason was interrupted at some point, maybe due to system instability, or a network problem or power outage.


You can retrieve data that might have been saved by the automatic recovery feature.

  • If any recovery files exist, the Recovery Files window is open when you start the COMSOL Desktop. You can also open the Recovery Files window from the Windows menu.
  • Click the Open button to open a selected recovery file.
  • Click the Save and Open button to save the recovery file to a Model MPH-file and to open it. It also removes the recovery file.
  • Click the Save As button to save the recovery file to a Model MPH-file and remove the recovery file.
  • Click the Delete button or press Delete to remove the selected recovery files.
  • In the new file, you should be able to right-click Study and select Continue instead of Compute in order to continue the solution process.

You can turn off the recovery feature in File > Preferences > Files. Clear the Save recovery file checkbox. It is checked by default. The directory where the recovery files are stored is specified in the field Folder for recovery files.

For optimal stability, always make sure to upgrade to the latest software update. Check regularly.