Multiphysics Simulation: An IEEE Spectrum Insert 2018

In the 2018 edition of Multiphysics Simulation, you will learn about a variety of case studies covering topics ranging from life-saving wearable technology to protecting the global economy from counterfeit money. Additional themes include how multiphysics simulation makes it possible for engineers to tackle research problems that were previously too difficult, like a 3D parametric full-eye model, or too expensive to undertake, such as the prediction of high-voltage cable ratings.

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Topic Areas:

  • Generator circuit breakers
  • Multiphysics modeling and simulation
  • Sensor systems
  • Underground cable rating
  • Product optimization
  • Helicon antenna design
  • High-speed cell sorter technology
  • Simulation apps for corrective maintenance
  • Material science
  • Boundary element method

Cover image courtesy of Kejako SA.

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