Multiphysics Simulation for Solar Energy Applications - Archived

Originally aired on 
January 18, 2024

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The design and development of solar energy infrastructure such as photovoltaic cells, solar panels, power generators, and transmission lines involve accounting for a number of different physics phenomena as well as operating conditions. Multiphysics simulation not only helps us understand how these components perform in a real-world environment, but also allows for a more efficient R&D process and a shorter time-to-market.

If you wish to learn how multiphysics simulation can help when designing more robust and efficient solar energy infrastructure, tune in to this on demand webinar.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Design and optimization of materials used in photovoltaic cells
  • Estimating design parameters including doping profiles, refractive indices, and losses
  • Evaluating optimal operating conditions for photovoltaic cells, solar panels, and the concentrator mirror systems with variable inclination angles
  • Simulating solar radiation and estimating the angle and intensity
  • Modeling air flow around solar panels and predicting generated stresses
  • Analyzing atmospheric effects on solar panels and designing protection systems
  • Using multiphysics simulation to optimize solar power generators

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This is a recording of a webinar that originally aired on January 18, 2024