New Functionality in Version 4.2a

  • Port sweeps with S-parameter matrix display versus frequency in table format provides improved results analysis for models using port sweeps.

Backward Compatibility vs. Version 4.0a

Overridden port variables removed from solution components

Overridden port features no longer generate solution components since version 4.1. Models built in version 4.0a and 4.0 with overridden port features will display an error message when opened in version 4.1 or later. In order to successfully complete the import of such a model into version 4.2a you need to click OK to close the error message, then clear the existing solutions, and finally re-solve the model.

Java-files or M-files that create and solve COMSOL models containing overridden port features similarly need to be modified so that the code that generates the solver sequence does not refer to the removed solution components from the overridden ports.