New Functionality in Version 4.1

  • Automatic generation of coordinate systems for 2D and 2D-axisymmetric Piezoelectric Devices interface. This simplifies the orientation of anisotropic piezoelectric material properties.
  • The variables defined by the Reaction Engineering interface do no longer require scopes. This makes it easier for the user to interpret and edit automatically generated expressions, for instance, describing reaction kinetics.

Backward Compatibility vs. Version 3.5a

Piezoelectric Devices interface

The following 3.5a functionality is not available in version 4.1:

  • Electrical formulations

Film Damping

  • The solid predefined coupling is missing but can be performed manually
  • Perforated plates are not yet available. These have to be modeled in version 4.1 using the full geometric description or using equation view.