Electromagnetics at Optical and Microwave Frequencies using COMSOL Multiphysics

Howie Stuart
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
Whippany, USA

The flexibility of COMSOL Multiphysics enables a variety of computational approaches to be applied towards solving electromagnetic problems across the whole spectrum. I will describe techniques for studying resonant electromagnetic interactions in a range of structures, including materials with negative electric permittivity (metals at optical frequencies), and small microwave resonators and antennas. The techniques to be presented include: scattered field formulation for the evaluation of scattering cross-sections, eigenmode analysis incorporating PMLs to determine resonant frequency and radiation Q-factor, and antenna impedance matching using lumped circuit elements.

The numerical results produced by COMSOL Multiphysics will be compared with both analytical solutions and experimental results.

Keynote speaker's biography: Howie Stuart, Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies. Howie has a Ph.D. in Optics from the University of Rochester, where he studied the coupling of metal nanoparticle resonances to optical waveguides and surface plasmons. He has been at Bell Labs since 1998, conducting research on multimode fiber transmission, optical performance monitoring, and optical waveguide devices. His current research interests include electrically small microwave antennas and photonic crystals.

Howie Stuart was one of the keynote speakers at the COMSOL User's Conference, fall 2005 in Boston