A Computational Design Synthesis Method for MEMS using COMSOL

F. Bolognini1, A. A. Seshia1, and K. Shea2
1Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
2Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Computational synthesis methods, used to help designers in the creative phase of the design process, often find an obstacle to their development in the difficulty of finding efficient simulation packages to integrate into the automated search of design solutions.

Problems in coupling these search methods with analysis tools arise due to the impossibility of integrating them easily and time-efficiently, while another problem is the lack of commercial software able to implement the often complex and multi-domain analysis that is required by the search.

In this paper, a novel synthesis method for MEMS design, CNS-Burst, is introduced. The work shows how COMSOL was easily integrated into the search routine. Results also demonstrate how COMSOL was able to produce accurate results for the required design tasks.