Parametric Shape Optimization of a Tweeter Waveguide

Application ID: 24691

This application illustrates how to use COMSOL’s optimization capabilities to automatically develop novel designs satisfying critical design constraints. The model optimizes a simple speaker geometry. Examples of constraints could include the radius of the loudspeaker or a desired minimum achievable sound-pressure level.

To exemplify the optimization capabilities this application studies the shape optimization of a simple waveguide fixed in front of a tweeter unit (the speaker). The waveguide shape is deliberately exaggerated including a resonator with a resonance at around 2500 Hz. The resonator is filled with a light porous material to introduce some loss to dampen the resonances.

Optimization is performed in three cases:

  1. Optimization over a frequency band to increase the average SPL and decrease the variance (remove deep resonances).
  2. Optimization of the spatial response over a region of space to approach a target curve.
  3. Optimization of the directivity index (DI).

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