W/T Geoingenieure

W/T Geoingenieure

W/T Geoingenieure provides consulting services around geophysics, geology, hydrogeology, reservoir engineering, solution mining and geothermal energy production. Close cooperation of geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers is one important goal. By aid of numerical simulation of the decisive processes we are able to discover the effects f. i. of groundwater withdrawal or geothermal energy recovery and we can predict results of different variants of technical constellation. This is also an effective way to improve solution mining, for what coupled flow, mass and heat transfer in caverns is simulated. We are experienced in application of finite element method as well as finite difference method.

The firm W/T Geoingenieure was founded in 2001 from the former firm of consulting engineers Watznauer & Tita in Gotha (Germany) by Wolfgang Watznauer, Hartwig Scheddler and Michael Rembe.

The main activities in geophysics are processing and interpretation of geophysical data from borehole and well logging of underground gas storages, groundwater wells, geological boreholes and boreholes for geothermal energy production. But we also provide surface geoelectrical measurements and interpretation of geophysical data collected from earth surface. The scope of work is controlling overburden, assessment of safety of gas storage boreholes and interpretation of lithology and stratigraphy by borehole logging.

Another special field of our work is exploration of groundwater and planning of groundwater wells. Exploration of groundwater is assessment of groundwater recharge and groundwater guardedness against pollution, too.

For geothermal energy production we examine underground conditions for an optimal use of geothermal energy recovery. We explore geothermal heat balance for deep geothermal heat storages as well as for shallow geothermal heat storages used for heating of buildings. Therefor we also provide geothermal response tests (GRT).

For all of these tasks COMSOL is a powerful tool. We’ve used COMSOL, former FEMLAB, since 2005. Using its open structure editing variables and equation we’ve found out tools and approaches for nearly all problems of our work. That’s why we provide numerical simulation as consulting service, too. Numerical simulation is one of our important business segment.

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